How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business?

How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business?

Influencer marketing is used by businesses to promote their products and services constantly. With the rise of social media, businesses have started to capitalize on people’s free time to increase their sales and brand reputation in the market, so you should know how to use influencer marketing to grow your business. These strategies have been on the constant rise since increasing mobile penetration. According to some reports, the influencer marketing market could even reach 24.1 billion dollars by 2025.

Influencer marketing can be considered as a sort of referral system. You can use influencer marketing to grow your business in profitability and reach.  When the influencer’s people trust and admire post an ad, they are immediately drawn to it. Also, influencer-specific codes help them to get discounts which can be a bigger push for consumers to try the brand’s product or service.  Jabra Fans is one the best influencer marketing platform for both creators and subscribers.

Jabra Fans - use of influencer marketing to grow your business

Advantages of Using Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business:

Partnering with influencers:

Partnering with influencers, automatically increases the audience of your brand. It also helps to increase site traffic, get more customers, and eventually build trust for the brand. This is simply because when potential consumers see influencers using a brand’s products, your brand automatically grabs attention. Influencers with a higher fan following have a greater impact which is why partnering with them can target their organic audiences. 

Contacting influencers:

Influencers should be contacted according to the niche and similarity to a brand. For example, a beauty influencer can market beauty products best. A company selling machine parts can’t contact them as they won’t be able to do a good job. Just like employees, their experience also matters. This is why their previous brand engagements and the number of advertisements posted should be analyzed before finalizing an influencer for promotion. Even the way you reach out to influencers can make or break the deal. 

Analyze costs and benefits:

The better the influencer’s reach, the bigger is the possibility of a brand’s success. This is why payment amounts and methods also vary. A simple and basic way to target them is by offering to pay for each post. Any post that they do to sponsor your brand which is creatively unique and has the capability of attracting audiences has to be paid for. This payment varies according to the credibility of the influencer. If your marketing budget is low and your brand is just starting, it is advisable to approach micro-influencers who demand less money and can do decent work. 

Targeting many influencers at the same time:

When a follower sees an advertisement from only one particular influencer, it might have less impact because of increased scrutiny. When you approach multiple influencers, they all have unique ways to promote a product. This is one of the common strategies to use influencer marketing to grow your business. If social media users see advertisements for the same brand on different influencer profiles, they might be attracted and gain trust for the brand. The frequency of posting also matters as even users have to be reminded of a product from time to time through different sources.

Creating long-term partnerships:

Maintaining long-term partnerships is beneficial as it brings more ROI. It is clear that influencers demand less money than endorsements and can even do a better job in some cases. While growth is steady, you should lock in certain influencers you trust and hope that they will get a bigger audience. An influencer, too, requires many brands to connect with him. If many brands seek a particular influencer, it is a sign that their marketing strategy is working and you should do the same. Content creation platforms for Indian influencers like Instagram and Facebook are the major source where you can target these social celebrities.

The advantage of connecting with influencers:

Just like brand endorsements, influencers have the capability of engaging the audience and influencing consumer behavior. A majority of customers are attracted after they follow the recommendation of a social star. They can become excellent unofficial brand ambassadors as they get to churn content through the brand. There are many platforms that support influencer marketing and Jabra Fans is the social platform for creators that helps you to grow your business. They also increase SEO or ranking of your brand website which can be linked to greater visibility and thus greater sales.

Compensate influencers contently:

Influencers only undertake an ad assignment if they see their advantage in it. Your brand should compensate them more than just paying per post. This is important to maintain trust and let influencers stay with your brand. A truly invested influencer has to be compensated well through cash, free products, or commission. 

Sending free products or giving them discounts is an excellent tactic to promote your brand. If they like your product, they will likely present it to their followers. Another way is to pay them according to the increase in sales due to their social posts. Also, they should be considered as employees and should be given artistic freedom in their niche to provide a better action plan.

Connect with multiple micro-influencers:

As mentioned before, if your budget is less, your brand can connect with micro-influencers rather than chasing big-shot social celebrities. However, irrespective of the budget, it is seen that consumers are more affected by small-scale influencers. This is because they have their organic fan following that trusts them completely. While the scale of impact might be less, their promotional methods are more genuine and attract more audience.

Also, in many cases engaging with a macro influencer is not the recipe for immediate success. On paper, they might have a huge audience, but it doesn’t guarantee that all of them would follow their advice. It is also better to connect multiple micro-influencers rather than just one macro influencer.

Correct platforms:

Influencers have to be selected after analyzing their fan following, impact, weak points, strengths, and form of content creation. While doing these things is important, it is also beneficial to contact influencers on the correct platforms. There are many content creation platforms for Indian influencers where your brand can target promoters. The social media platform should also have a good active user count to make your marketing strategies successful. It should not happen that you invest resources in good influencers but the platform itself is not good. 

Overall, the company or brand’s management and goals should be clear. Requirements should be mentioned while contacting influencers so that they can build confidence in your brand. While influencers can target specific audiences according to the brand’s niche, they shouldn’t be exploited. Underpayment and overwork are common in influencer marketing and to build good relationships, your brand should avoid these tactics. Influencer marketing has been constantly increasing and there are no signs of market saturation soon. Thus, it can be an excellent strategy to increase a business’s profitability if used correctly.

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