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Jabra Fans is a fun and friendly platform for fans to get in touch with their favourite content creators. We bridge the gap between fans and influencers so that they can have better engagement with each other. As a subscriber, you can look forward to having a good time & at the same time, you can enjoy having a fruitful relationship with your dearest content creators at our platform.

As a content creator, Jabra Fans offer you an opportunity wherein you can showcase your talent and also get paid for your work through memberships and donations from the support of your fans. Jabra Fans is an easy way for both content creators and their fans to stay connected with each other.

Jabra Fans - Get exclusive content from your favorite creators

We Have All The Features You Want

Get all of the exclusive content created by top content creators and influencers on Jabra fans.

 Subscribers can enjoy and engage with all their live events and other related activities. Fans will also get a chance to contact their favourite creators to share their thoughts and ideas! They can also make shout-out requests or a one-on-one conversation via video chat.

We Aim To Keep Fans And Creators Closer

Our vision is to offer influencers an opportunity to have creative freedom & the money that they deserve, and subscribers to have a chance to enjoy the exclusive content. Jabra Fans works with a mission of giving complete ownership as creators decide what they want to charge and fans know that their money goes directly towards creating more of what they love.

We work with complete transparency & give the highest value to ethical practices. Our superpower is not just giving creators a platform to create content, but in giving our subscribers a medium to have a good time.

We pride ourselves on being the best in this field and always follow a comprehensive approach to the work we do! At Jabra Fans, we’ve been building the leading platform to enhance the relationship between influencers & their fans. We give utmost importance to the trust and loyalty that you show in our business.

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Get To Know Our Founders

Vineet Harbhajanka has expertise in developing solutions for an array of verticals including the entertainment sector and social media. He believes in building robust and scalable solutions for users in order to have a rich experience. Vineet focuses on offering the best solutions using the latest technology available and with this motto, he has developed an assortment of products and a wide range of services like Web/App Development and UI/UX Design. 

The digitalized era is all about connecting people and he came up with Jabra Fans with the same vision to connect influencers to their most loved fans.

Vineet Harbhajanka

CTO & Founder

Jabra Fan's CTO & Founder
Jabra Fan's CEO & Founder

Shagun Gupta specialises in human resources and has helped a multitude of companies with overall process efficiencies and brands to attract talent. She also has a stronghold in marketing, sales strategy and general management. She is a firm believer in the fact that it is so important to build a sustainable relationship with the users and the clients for the success of any business. 

She is a consummate professional and has a clear understanding of her domain of expertise. Her idea while starting Jabra Fans was to offer a platform to people where fans can build long-lasting relationships with creators.

Shagun Gupta

CEO & Founder

Piyush Gupta is a driven, passionate individual with core experience in actuarial science and finances however, he is an equally enthusiastic professional when it comes to digital marketing and social media. He works with a motto to understand the driving force of any business venture. He is very keen on learning new things and easily collaborates with the team to come up with something extraordinary every time. 

With Jabra Fans, he was looking into starting a vertical that the millennial generation would love to be a part of! He has casual experience in various other industries and key business domains.

Piyush Gupta


Jabra Fan's COO